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July 24, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

horrible horrible bosses.

I once had a boss who never knew I worked for him. I knew him some because I often frequented his store, but to him I must have just been some passing person who always fiddled with all the rings and never, ever, bought anything. He was this mini-van sized old man who mumble a lot about most things and yet was extremely eloquent and verbose when it came to his favorite subject, hating the gays. Strangely he ran a jewelry store in rural Scotland and his only clients were woman who had lost themselves on the jersey shore and some how swum to Scotland, and men looking for BEDAZZILING numbers for their tranny shows. I only ever worked for him when he was out of the country and my friend needed cover. It was in a way a great set up, he hired her, she hired me, we split the hours and the profit. Yet it always sucked working for an awful gay basher. plus when he would call the office and I was working, I would throw on this awful English accent and have to pretend I was my friend. He must have been nearly def because compared to her summer sounding voice I am a diesel truck down shifting. Yet no matter how awful of a man I felt he was, (and besides for gay hating he seemed rather nice) I don’t think I ever even thought of killing him. it seemed, excessive. It may be for this reason, not having a deep personal connection with the ‘text’ that I found it near on impossible to enjoy this months bromance, HORRIBLE BOSSES, which is more just a horrible film that anything else. Th plot is about three men who all have horrible bosses and decide that the best solution is in fact to kill them. All the jokes are in the trailer, save yourself 7 pounds and watch that on itunes.


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