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June 17, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Heartbreakers got the best of me

Like a hipster chic bouffant haircut this film is all style and no substance. Set mostly in luscious Monaco and staring the insatiably seductive Romain Duris, a man gifted by the gods with a body that recalls the marble works of ancient Grecian masters and Vanessa Paradis, whose sultry siren songs are but a perfect compliment to her enchanting aura, one was always going to be beguiled into loving this film regardless of it’s insanely loose and otherwise drab plot. Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, Heartbreaker (2010) follows the exploits of con-artist / moralistic breakup expert Alex (Romain Duris) who with the help of his sister and her husband travel the world seducing women away from their awful husbands/partners and freeing them up to once again enjoy life. Yet trouble begins to brew when pretty boy Alex is unable to repay his quickly mounting debts and has to take a high paying job of seducing Juliette Can Der Becq away from her handsome and loving fiancé Jonathan (Andrew Lincoln). With the wedding looming so close at hand Alex poses as Juliette’s bodyguard and tries desperately to fake win her heart while beginning to loose his own. This film is not particularly ingenious but is overall so fantastically fluffy once cannot help but be swept away in its sticky sweet sugary goodness. The suits are well cut, the gown are gorgeous and the dappled sunlight so often illuminating the characters powerful jaw lines and lovely eye lashes shows a deep regard for aesthetic beauty on the part of Chaumeil and his cinematographer. The largest fault however in the film is that Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis while eye candy par excellence are not particularly great actors, or at least in this film lack any form of tangible chemistry. Like oil on water, they seem to simply occupy a similar space with out ever really being aware the other one is there. Such a failing would sink lesser rom-com’s faster then sex scandals sunk Anthony Weiner’s New York Mayoral campaign. The film’s saving grace comes in the form of Julie Ferrier, who plays Alex’s sister and partner in crime. Julie Ferrier has sensational comic timing and elevates every scene she is in with humorous glances and outlandish performances. Furthermore her onscreen relationship with Francois Damiens is so charming it makes one feel at the end of it all that there might be something like true love, which may just be the blind acceptance of another’s faults. Compared to the emotionless story between Alex and Juliette, this relationship foil is a lovely and underrated addition to this film. Very much worth watching on a rainy day when one needs a bit of fluff.


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