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June 3, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Enchanté mr. Bradley Cooper

dear god there are moments when i find myself questioning my sexuality. perhaps i have got it all wrong and i really am straight and this entire gay thing is just a way of dealing with my fear that women might reject me or that i might be like absolutely horrid in bed. I mean there are times when i dont even feel like listening to pop music and have near uncontrollable urges to do things i imagine cowboys (the pinnacle of masculine perfection) would do like shoot there dinner and skin it. but then i start thinking of long nights on the prairie and only other cow boys for company and i quickly remember why i’m not all that straight after all. but i think the matter of my posible hetersexuality was settled once and for all when i stumbled across this. i dont even care what he is saying i am considering giving myself totally to this man:



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