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May 31, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

PINA: i love you

Pina: It was two on a Friday afternoon and the relentless London summer rain drove me in the arms of the Greenwich Picture house. There is potentially nothing I love more then the decadence of a mid day movie; somewhat stale popcorn and a flat coke just make my day. The film that had driven me to traverse London in this endless gale was 2011’s dance epic PINA, by WIM WENDERS. Unquestionably it is the best film I have seen in the last year. A non-traditional documentary, it explores what famed and recently deceased chorographer PINA BAUSCH meant to many of her dancers through the clever use of solo, couple, and group dances as well as disembodied interviews with her troupe. The camera work alone in this film is beyond anything I have ever seen. Made with such love and adoration it too seems a dancer in these pieces, sweeping and gliding around the landscape with unquestionable poise. The camera also searches and probes the members of Pina’s troupe, drawing from them visceral reactions. All of this is beautifully rendered with 3D technology that far outstrips James Cameron flashy use of the same technology. Perhaps it is because the emotions of the dancers are so true, so unfiltered that they alone add a depth to the performance so rarely seen in today’s world. Ultimately the most impressive camera work is WIM WENDERS ability to draw the viewer slowly into the lyrical world of PINA. By moving so gracefully around the dancers, the view can not help but feel drawn into the piece, the dancer’s pain, sorrow, and laughter all becomes your own as you to feel dragged along on an adventure into the world of PINA BAUSCH. Highly recommended, by far one of the most lovingly crafted films of 2011.


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