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May 5, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

my love for Bradley cooper might very well be LIMITLESS

I was entirely motivated to see this film based on the assumption that there would inevitably be a scene where Bradly Cooper did not wear a shirt for a prolonged period of time and did well, just about anything. However this assumption, being based upon nothing more then my desire turned out to be well totally wrong. Yet strangely for the lack of six packs and the general negative press I feel this film has managed to accumulate I found in thoroughly enjoyable.  Granted three hours later I cam down with horrendous food poisoning and think I may or may not have hallucinated in some bizarre fever dream a rather absurd episode of the WEST WING, so I guess it is totally possible that this film sucked and I simply was to close to the edge of delirium to notice.

The plot follows down and out writer, Eddie Morra, who spends most of his day staring at a computer screen and drinking himself slowly into oblivion. Yet after a random encounter with his ex-wife’s brother, Eddie finds himself in possession of a nearly magical pill, which opens his mind to the LIMITLESS possibilities around him. Of course magical pills are not with out their side effects, (like going crazy) and soon Eddie is hooked on this miracle drug which much like cocaine makes you think you’re the shit. (Only you actually are) Yet even for a man with a super intellect, managing to stave off crime bosses, crazy drug dealers and Robert DiNero can get ever so complicated.

In general I think Limitless is a rather exciting film with a fresh and fun plot. Though at no point can I say I was genuinely shocked by the films twists and turns it was highly enjoyable and action packed with out being overly crazy.  The dialogue is snappy and even though a portion of it deals with the stock market and derivative and so on it managed to do so with out being dull.

Thoughts on the film: a very interesting meditation on the addictive nature of the drug culture. Furthermore the concept that when we take drugs we transform ourselves into radically different people is interestingly explored through the use of multiple (and shiner) versions of the characters appearing as they begin to feel the effect of the LIMITLESS medication. A good film with some solid direction, (if maybe to much fun with the pull focus) I am excited to see what Neil Burger comes up with next.

WANTED THIS: (but even with out it, it was ok)


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