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April 18, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

romeo’s still alive but aaliyah ate it

Romeo must die: How this incredible film escaped me as a teen is beyond me. It could be because I have been living under the false pretense that jet li’s character was a vampire, which strangely he is not. I believe the confusion was because this film came out around the same time as queen of the dammed and in my mind they were the same film. well worry no more I have sorted out this massive issue and am pleased to say that ROMEO MUST DIE  is rather like the best film ever made. With a cast filled with “oh that guy from that other thing.” and some stellar writing it’s a non stop action adventure. Sort of.

The film follows the beef between the black and Asian communities of San Francisco as the very precarious peace that exists between the two groups slowly unravels.

The plot however is secondary to this films immense use of slow motion walking scenes. It is in these scenes that this film truly shines. Watching jet li slowly wander out of airports or watching him move through busy rooms is always stunning.

Rather worth not watching really, it long and the kun fu is rather shit (jet li is like on wires the whole time) and his acting is so weird that he seems creepy mc creepy son.


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