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March 31, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

I Could have been an eagle scout

Hello accidently homoerotic adventure tale how’s tricks?


Plot over view: Years ago Marcus’ (Channing Tatum) dad takes this golden eagle which is the symbol of Rome WAY north into Scotland on a military campaign where he is promptly slaughter by the locals, brining dishonor onto him self, his family and his legion. Like any good son, Marcus decides he should get it back so with the help of his toy boy, erm, I mean slave, Esca (Jamie Bell). The two of them head into the dark and stormy Scotland trying to find it and along the way they bond.


Sort of like top gun, this film seems to be unaware of how fabulously homo the entire thing is. Jamie and Channing seem like some wonderful bickering couple on some bizarrely macho weekend away and watching them fight each other was almost to much for me on a Tuesday night.


There’s lots of phallic sword giving scenes, and some great role reverse, ‘whose the slave game’ and well to be honest the film sucks, but is certainly laughably funny and enjoyable.

ah just look at them and those lustful glances.


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