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March 28, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

this boat does in fact rock

It’s not only the boat; I think one could go so far as saying the entire film rocks. Largely without a cohesive plot Richard Curtis’ The Boat that Rocked, is a fanciful and entertaining snapshot into the lives of a ramshackle group of men and one woman, broadcasting pirate radio from the channel sea to 1960’s England.  Filled with fun colorful characters and a whole lot of music it’s a film I challenge you not to enjoy.

The plot focuses mainly on the absurdly attractive virgin YOUNG CARL (Tom Sturridge) who after getting kicked out of school finds himself living on the rocker ship learning that there is….. well… I’m not really sure what he learns. Potentially there is something in this film about friends being family and the healing power of music or the trials and tribulations of being a minor celebrity, but whatever the case the film is well shot with beautiful costumes and lots of entertaining scenes.

Though rather long, this film will whisk away an afternoon in an enjoyable haze of 60’s nostalgia.



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