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March 17, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Matt Damon and the Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon proves again that not only is he fit as f*ck, but he looks dam good running.

In adjustment bureau he does alot of this:


and almost none of this:


so he does not look like this:

(thank god)

The Adjustment Bureau will inevitably be compared to inception. Probably because the leads in both spend a good deal of their time running and trying to escape bad guys that have apparently learned how to apperate. However the comparisons end there. Unlike its more heady counterpart, the Adjustment Bureau is a fantasy film masquerading as a hard Sci-Fi action adventure. Being adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick, it is no surprise that this film seems to have a sci-fi core, but thanks to writer/director George Nolfi the more interesting and through provoking elements have been sacrificed in favor of a sweet love story. I don’t in anyway mind.


The plot follows the almost unprecedented rise of David Norris (Matt Damon) a younger senator with oval office ambitions. Yet after an awkward political set back and a run in with the stunningly beautiful Elise (Emily Blunt) who is loitering in the men’s bathroom, (possibly the only part of the film that is not overly explained unlike the rest of its dime store philosophy which is explained at nausea in order to ensure that everyone in the audience understands that George Nolfi really thinks FATE IS A GIFT, BLAH BLAH BLAH, I mean this films almost feels like there is going to be a quiz at the end that’s how much they repeat their message that seems like a cheap watered down version of the matrix.) things get messy when a crew of mysterious fedora wearing men who look like they walked out of the 50’s (especially since there is not a woman amongst them…. Bizarre misogynistic undertone) show up and start messing with peoples minds. Mr. Norris accidently catches them stumbling around inside peoples heads and after briefly explaining nothing they tell him he can never be with Elise. Queue plot. The next hour and a half are about him trying to get with her because some one told him not to. Most of his trying to get with her involves him running after cars, peoples, hats, ect…


The film has a heart of gold. No one I can remember is killed on screen and at no point does Matt Damon pick up a gun. It’s all relatively refreshing to be captivated so intensely by an action film that has no big explosions and no gun fights and instead involves some rather lovely interpretative dance and endless declarations of UNENDING LOVE.


All together a very enjoyable film. Not a very good one, but completely watchable action rom-com fluff.



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