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March 8, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Quilttilla the hun:

march jobs:

I am learning how to quilt from a woman who scares me. It’s not so much that she is this overbearing Amazonian woman, but it’s her speed and efficiency while quilting that scares me to my core. She pins, threads, cuts, aligns, augments and eats all at the same time, like an octopus behind the wheel of a john lewis 250 sewing machine pro. If this were ye olden times, she would inevitably be some sort of matron task masker sewer combo and I would probably be emaciated and half dead. that’s ok though, fear inspires one to learn. Or something like that. I mean this seems to be what happens with the army and its vaguely similar here in the land of quilting. LOWER THE FOOT DOWN SLOWER, STOP AND RESTICH, PIN FASTER.

She does not care when I bleed, she does not care when I say I need to pee. We are trying to make an entire quilt in a day, (well two half days) and working slowly is not an option. I love it, secretly. I’m beginning to feel more like a lady of the plain’s every day. Hopefully soon I can churn butter.


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  1. Dreamz Happen Quiltz / Mar 9 2011 6:36 am

    Too fnuny… but I thought all quilters were like that??

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