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March 8, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

3 parks 2 burgers 1 loofah

as days go, this one was the pinnacle of false accomplishment. I got up early and read for about 30 minutes till i finished my book. At which time i took a nap. rendering the waking up early totally redundant.


though i had great dreams of an old friend who now lived in a room made of molting sheets of fabric which would tear from her walls and flutter to the floor. it made decorating a nightmare and entertaining gentlemen callers even harder for the walls quivered like rustling paper in the hours before they shed themselves. (also as a note her room was entirely oil slick gold. it was SICK, i want to decorate my room with exactly that color fabric wall and exposed brass piping and copper surfaces.

then there was work. BLAH BLAH. and then my first burger. it was epic, it was large, it was left overs from last night, making it my second in 16 hours, (with another to come just a scant 5 hours after that.)

then there was park one: clapham common. i walked it like i was MJ and it was the moon

then there was park two: kensigton, in which i walked around with this woman i was working for telling her about the importance of twitter, it was a dull dull conversation. she was dressed like a semic-crazy witch. i think shess fascinating but some one needed to rip those haggard black velvet gloves and dust mote colored dress off her before an enthusiastic member of the clergy had her committed for hearsay.


park three: hyde park: which i wandered around and felt like i was being chased by squirrels.

then there was the LOOFAH. which took me like an hour to buy. choosing the color alone was a nightmare. i settled on sit ugly sea foam green. i worried white might end up turning brown, and black just seemed slutty, where as red looked like a big popped pimple and blue like some sort of aquatic creature. perhaps even Dori. and no one wants to rub their body with an adorable animated fish.

so that was my day. I mean i also did some work and the BLAH BLAH. ate some pancakes BLAH BLAH. and went to bed.


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