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March 4, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

I aint telling no one

Tell No One:

Given the implicit directions of the title, and my fear that if I do, a fate like Margot’s might befall me, I shall refrain from discussing at length this films wonderful ending, or for that matter it’s plot. A brief overview is as follows. Alex and Margot Beck, are very much in love. One night they head down to the lake and after making love under the stars, the night takes a turn for the decidedly worst when Margot is murdered. The films then jumps eight years ahead and we find ourselves following a forlorn Alex who haunted by the memory of his wife. Then the truth falls further from the light when Alex believes he receives an email from an anonymous source showing him a video of his wife, who is very much alive. (Then a lot more happens. Then it ends. I suggest you watch it to find out)

This film is a wonderfully constructed conspiracy thriller. Based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name it creates a lush world, populated by many personalities all of whom are a joy to watch. Francois Cluzet, who plays Dr. Alex Beck manages to radiate a cold and collected conscious that is slowly unraveling. A joy to watch, his affable charm and fluid yet determined movements make him the perfect star for this film. Without such a strong central role it would in no way be nearly as wonderful. Gilles Lellouche who plays Bruno, an inner city gang guy is also fantastic. The secondary characters in this film are so enjoyable in part because like Bruno they are allowed to feel like their own personalities with lives beyond that of the narrative. Potentially an inclusion from subplot of the book, subplots and throw away dialogue segments are masterfully handled in this script, written by Cuillaume Canet (also the director) and Phillppe Lefebvre.

The Direction here is also rather good. With the exception of one expertly edited cut, I did not feel that the direction was innovative, but it certainly was beyond competent. The style of the films is not particularly unique and the mechanics of film making hide behind the narrative, which does for this film work.

Then we come to the films Frenchness. The sex looks amazing, the cigarettes look like they taste better and emotions rolls from these people like water off a seals skin. As a foreigner I feel like this film inundated itself with some wonderfully expected images of Parisian life style but if anything that made me just enjoy it more.

Tell everyone and see it yourself.


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