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January 12, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Give me crack before you make me see this again

Love an other drugs:

Only under the influence of many drugs, mainly hallucinogenic, could this film be considered even half way decent.

The plot focuses on the romance of charming yet vacuous Pfizer sales agent Jamie Randall and boho artist Maggie Murdock whose life and work is complicated by her Parkinson disease. These two emotional cretins spend the next 100 minutes falling mostly into bed and accidently into love.

With the exception of a lot whole lot of abs, a good deal of naked Anne Hathaway and a discount version of Jack Black, this film is like any other rom-com really, except worse. This film ungracefully startles the divide of rom-com and drama, never really quite sure what it wants to be, causing the entire film to be grossly unbalanced. Maggie’s Parkinson’s is the type of character trait that should elevate this film out of its vapid quagmire but thanks to the poor script and the insipid direction, (quite an achievement for Edward Zwick who is normally quite talented.) it feels like a cheap stab at creating a complex character. Furthermore when scenes of Maggie’s decline into depression and personal insecurity are intercut with grotesquely unattractive Josh Gad jerking off to his brother’s home made porn, one can not help but feel the film lacked a clear sense of journey. All of the character arcs are universally two dimensional in this film as well, with each character learning the one thing they need to radically transform their life from a struggle to a fairytale. The film even goes so far as to interpret its symbolic title literally, making love in this film a Phizer miracle pill, which helps one leap all their personality problems with a single bound. There is even an unintentionally amazingly laughable scene in which Jamie, undergoes what looks like an overdose when admitting his love to Maggie for the first time.

With the exception of its love cures all message there is nearly a discernable critic on the ways in which pharmaceutical companies grossly exploit their customers by aggressively pushing their products onto doctors. Again an interesting narrative that could have been well fleshed out by some interesting writing and directing, this story line, like Maggie’s illness gets lost in confusion of jokes of men with erections that last longer then bicoastal flights.

The acting is equally dire. Some one should let Jake know that pecs; don’t make up for talent for instance.

A true an utter failure of a film, even Jake Gyllenhaal’s and Anne Hathaway’s undeniable sex appeal is not enough to make this film entertaining. It’s a sad day when a film this awful is up for golden globes.



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