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January 2, 2011 / Prof Cupcake.

Double day with death at a funeral.

Having welcomed in the new year with typical filthy fashion it is only fitting to find ones first come down Saturday dominated by some screen watching.

First up was 2007’s Death at a Funeral, directed by ex Yoda Frank Oz. With an all star British cast of actors (ones you recognize from something else just can’t remember what.) and lovely black humor from writer Dean Craig, it is an all around success. The film focuses on the wake of a family’s deceased patriarch and the chaos that ensues when a family secret is exposed.  With wonderfully well-rounded ensemble characters the entire film has a feeling of gross familiarity; this is your family, sort of. I say sort of, because in all likely hood your brother has not gotten your fiancé stoned to within an inch of his life while at a wake, but you never know do you.


Matthew Macfayden does a wonderful performance as Daniel, managing to portray the steely determination of a man who hates his family with the loving pathos of a man who loves his family. With out his rather powerful performance the entire film would not sustain itself as he manages to become both the straight man and the repository for all character development within the plot. The entire events surrounding the wake service only his realization as a writer that he must embrace spontaneity and speak from the heart if he is ever to write anything of worth. By showing his quick yet believable decent into a world where his entire framework for exploring his place in his family is shaken his realization of his own self worth unfolds in a wonderfully cinematic manner. At the end Death at a funeral is more about the development of a boy into a man after assuming the mantle of traditional patriarchal responsibility.


A good film with some wonderfully comical moments, its seeped in British humor just like a good cup of tea, which contrary to a grieving window can in fact heal all wounds.


Up next was 2010 death at a funeral…… enough said. Same film only worse. Can America remake anything with out reducing it to base shit jokes? I think not. However the cast is much more attractive this time around. Namely thanks to Zoe Saldana and James Marsden, so there was that going for it. However Chris rock, martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson showed such little character that their performances were cringe worthy.


Hello 2011.


I’m still hung over.



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