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November 17, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

Things I learned through film three: Even bad guys have bad days.

In some sort of bizarre and yet logical way I get the feeling that any one who is truly evil, sort of spawn of Satan sadistic must always have really good days. I mean when things go wrong they must relish in it, because they support the movement of chaos as a matter of principle, and, of course, when things go right for them its right for evil, so again a good day. Its like that thing in math when you multiply two negatives and they get a positive.


Roughly speaking:


Bad people X bad things happening to them = HAPPINESS for the person in question.


FOOL PROOF LOGIC.  (Its logic like that that could hold a ship a float with just a though.)


But the more I watch Hollywood films the more I realize that bad people some times have bad days too… take for instance one of my favorite bad guys. DARTH VADER. He breaths funny is horribly scared can use the force, and wears pvc piping. He is a LEGEND. But lets talk about when the death star blows up the first time.




Star wars episode 4 a new hope. This classic spaghetti western in space is one of the most artful constructed films ever. Giving rise to a global phenomena that reformed both the studio system and the ways in which we watch movies the first star was is the most brilliant B film of all time.


With a predictable and decently written plot, (as decent as hilariously absurd comments about the kessle run in 12 parsecs can be decent.) and some fine if not stellar acting, (You can play a drinking game where you drink when Luke winges and is annoying. You will not last more then 5 minutes, it’s just a waterfall of vodka) its amazing in some ways that star wars has had the global impact that it does.


However I feel that the reason it has lasted so long is that the heart of the story is really sensational. It is a classic story of good version evil, but with incredible costumes and IN SPACE. The world creation is so extravagant that you can spend decades just reading all the literature written about these fake planets and absurd things.


But I think the true reason is everyone LOVES DARTH VADER.

A tormented bad boy who speaks through a voice box he has that silent and broody type down. PLUS WE BLOW UP HIS SPACE STATION.  Now even if you are a bad boy the sure number of resources required to build a floating space station are ABSURD.  And think of the fuel and the manpower. GOD its just crazy. It is the scale of the evil in star wars that I think makes it so wondrously memorable.


Watching DARTH VADER pilot off in his little tie fighter…. (he hates business wear) I think I have finally learned that even bad guys have bad days.



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