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September 20, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

TOM’S CROWN! is sleeping around! NEVER

There are numerous, nay nearly endless film about thieves and burglars, dashing men and lovely ladies who manage to steal not only the prize and each others hearts but ours as well. That is essentially what the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR is, but better.

a clever take on the art thief heist film, TCA is a superbly directed and scripted film staring Pierce Brosnane and Rene Russo. Pierce B plays Thomas Crown a man made of money who happens to pilfer the odd art painting from time to time. While Rene Russo plays Catherine,  a gorgeous insurance investigator who has killer instincts and the most fabulous wardrobe the 90’s ever saw. (with the exception of this one atrocious sweater number, which she manages to just pull off with an incredibly infectious laugh and amazing bone structure.)

Now the plot is crafty and if I detail it here, the reveals will be, well, less revealing and trust me, though the plot is hard to follow thanks to the extreme and some what unbelievable sexyness of the actors, I think it might be better to leave it all mysterious then give you a blow by blow of the whole thing.

With great sexual chemistry, wonderful locations and a pre-recession attitude to extravagance that just makes me want to bathe in melted gold bullion, the Thomas crown affair is a fine film for all. (though faye Dunaway’s cameo’s are rather bizarre….)


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