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September 20, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

post uni life, or how to love a sofa.

there comes a time, in those quite moments you have with just yourself a mirror and a toothbrush, when that sudden realization that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing surfaces and leaves you staring at the start of crows feet while crest drips down your chest.

this is not always a bad thing. in fact i would go so far as to say in general that it is liberating. but the following surely needs to be discussed. off te several jobs i try to keep these days in london i find the following to be oddly telling facts:

one) my main job is being a writers assistant! score! working on Flashdance the musical which we are adapting from the film to the stage. HELLO BEST POST UNI JOB EVER. only i have that nagging sensation that i am effectively 27 years late for work and i’m only 23. the film was so written in the 80’s and the original was essentially a musical anyway minus a few songs, so now i sit at work realizing that the glory years happened before my parents had even met.  which is ok. i still make a mean coffee.

two) i’m playing a reality television character in a fake reality television show where i play a version of myself, only this version is a successful news anchor. only after failing the one and only weeks challenge in the show i am getting fired tomorrow from my fake job. this is oddly sobering. even in a fantasy world i appear to be unemployable by fake bosses. scary.

three) i am a dog walker. with a double major. the dog does not care. it still shits all over the place. but it is super cute. and cuddly. and it does this cute thing were it tries to stand between my legs and walk when i walk. and it liked to nap on my lap when i read my book. it is by far the best job i have ever or will ever had and it makes me super relaxed.

which is why i will probs end up living on a sofa. for ever.


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