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September 20, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.



When I first say this film I tried to climb through the dirty glass of my sony and strangle Liza M. not one normally prone to violence, I did wonder as to why I was having such a violent reaction to her character but I think now, in light of my second viewing, it was simply because I had overdosed on her while watching NEW YORK NEW YORK in marathon fashion only moments before. (Movie marathons are the only marathons I not only enjoy but take part im. While NY, NY, is bad enough to make me consider running that far just to be away from its infectious banality.) But what was I thinking. Bob Fosse’s masterpiece Cabaret is just that, a sublime work of musical theater molded into film. It not only captures the heart of the original theatrical production but through wonderful cinematography and clever editing it manages to create a powerful narrative of life within the lead up to NAZI power in Germany.

Liza’s Oscar winning performance as Sally Bowles is truly deserved, for she manages to bring the ostentatious, tragic and narcissistic character to life in such a way one fears the poor woman her self might be crazy. (and hey she is, but if that’s the case then she deserved the Oscar for just being that nuts) It’s hard to discuss how wonderfully full formed Sally Bowles is. With such tragic short comings and such a good heart, she is more real than any other character in a musical. Her songs resonate with her so deeply, and Liza’s performance is so raw that one can not help but weep at the absurdity of it all.

Cabaret is one of the best films ever, and if you find your self sitting all alone in your room and don’t feel much like a cabaret, stand in, sit back, and watch this.


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