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September 6, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

FLASHDANCE continues!

Notes from the frontline

It has barely gone nine o’clock and I am half of a cup of Costa down, sitting at the front of the stage watching this dancing god warm up doing standing back flips. He does so with such ease I can only imagine this is how he gets out of bed in the morning. All of these people, the actors, actress and the production crew are so talented it would not surprise me if they wrote and performed sonatas in their sleep.

Today is our first stumble through, meaning the first time we run through the play with props (not costumes) and watch how it goes. When it begins its hard to imagine you are in Pittsburg PA, as we are actually just in a large room with so much multi-colored tape on the floor it is beginning to look like a Jackson Pollack painting. (Also there is an almost overwhelmingly large amount of trendy tartan on the cast and before the first bars of the opening number I begin to wonder if I have accidently walked into a production of Wood Cutter: The Musical.) But then they strut on, men and women who were chatting moments before transformed into the citizens of Pennsylvania. Within a second you are captivate; your toes start tapping and were off and away!

Be Excited! The cast and crew have weaved a magical experience that takes you into the world of Alex Owens, (Victoria Hamilton-Barritt) as she prowls the streets finding inspiration for her dancing in the movement of everyone, from traffic police to steel workers. Even in this early run though you get the scene that the whole production is congealing together. So instead of the actual set pieces we are using coat racks and wheelie bins, BUT IT IS STILL BELIEVABLE! Which is a huge testament to the performances and dedication of all involved.

There is still a huge amount to do. Props to source, dance routines to polish but that will all come in time. For now we all can just sit back and enjoy what is already shaping up to be a great production. It is on days like today that what we are doing does not even feel like work; it feels like being part of something bigger, organic, which is much greater then its individual parts. Today my breath was well and truly ripped away during MANHUNT, a date/dancing/montage scene I am sure you all will love… now if only my dates could involve such epic tango performance and bull fights.

And as always Tom Hedley is a genius.


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