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August 31, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

BlackBerry’s make me a MANIAC MANIAC on the office floor

It is two on a Saturday and I am lying on the floor of the office with a BlackBerry plastered to my ear. It has been there for the better part of a day and I swear if that lovely voiced orange lady comes on one more time to tell me I am a valuable consumer and that a service representative will be with me shortly, I do believe I shall burst into tears.

At the moment I am caught in what is undoubtedly a herculean task for the twenty-first century, fixing the FLASHDANCE production teams BlackBerry’s. (Normally a lovely device, they have at the moment sort of gone a bit crazy.) However in that age-old saga of man versus machine, I am losing; not gracefully I might add.

How can fixing a few phones be such a task when above my office, tireless for the last week men and women of all descriptions have been giving more than their all to craft FLASHDANCE, a show that promises to have audience members welded to the edge of their seats.

As I am quickly learning rehearsal time for a West End show is as precious as gold and more hectic than Christmas shopping.  Over the past few days my journeys from the deep recesses of the office underbelly to the stage have left me filled with a sort of primal creative wonder. There is this kinetic energy that fills the dance stage to bursting and finds release in high kick dance solos coupled with outstanding songs that form the backbone of 2010’s theatrical reworking of 1983’s film FLASHDANCE.

Yet this is no shot for shot adaptation, this play is a whole new sort of beast, defined by the endless hard work of everyone involved. On the stage it has dance numbers that see Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (who plays Alex.) transcend human limitations and become a whirling dervish of dancing delight. While downstairs fearless Monica, who could have led armies for Alexander with more tactical precession that the man himself, keeps us all well stocked with jobs to do and coffee to drink.

Not a moment goes by when the FLASHDANCE headquarters is not abuzz with work of all sorts, of people helping to craft what I think will be one of the most unique and exciting plays to hit the stage in years. Be excited people, if the effort of those around me is anything to go by, (which it is) FLASHDANCE will be the musical talk of the town. Everyone is just so busy here!

Except for the moment myself. I am still lying here on the floor of the office and now that I think about it I am rather happy to have a moment to reflect on the hectic week. Even if I am doing so still waiting for an orange operator while listening to the rhythmic footfalls of dances above.

And as always, Tom Hedley is a genius.


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