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August 24, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

step ball change change change will do you good

it the ever so wise words of ye good old dolly parton: change it!

i would like to see this woman be the president of everything. give that woman some fake nails to tap a beat on and pretty soon boom boom pow we will have our selves a song so singularly stupendous we can just sing out selves out of the recession. who needs economic reform plans and tax incentives for the little guy when you’ve got a girl who simply esposes the simple facts.

work 9 to 5

be a working girl

hush a bye hard times.

i mean im not entirly sure what those all mean but they sound like sensible advise to me and those are just songs from one LP.

but enough of dolly. she’s gona keep on keepin on till she ends up havin one plastic surgery too many. but never fear, we can just cart her into madame tussauds and save on getting a new wax cast.—arrivals/p/29536/20/

is that her or a wax cast? im not telling.

but life in the real world. (not the reel world, another fantastic doll song.) is going well. it has boiled down to the following sad and yet potentially alright life realization. i am more or less unemployable. I’m loud, i often stumble about, i sing near constantly in a voice that is reminiscent of a blender blending bone, and i have about as much fashion sense as Helen Keller. (no offense helen)

so whats the solution? music videos. i can stumble about, be loud sing like a screech owl and almost everyone will think i am doing my job well. so granted i can’t really dance, and sadly lying and saying you would be a competent office manager is something harder to fake i fear that pirouettes, but no ones noticed so far. thats because i dance in the back of the lines, and i do it for free, so whose really going to care, but one can subsist off all the food one finds at these music video shin digs. PLUS THE FOOD IS GREAT. its all vegetables and fruit and no one ever brings chocolate. so i feel like im getting a work out, and lunch and potentially classes in the only job i have been able to find on this little island called england.

so life is good. moneyless and hard, but good. in the atypical movie of my life. like if my life was a b film, i think this would be the montage scene where the tired washer woman who cleans houses in 17th century france and dreams of being a ballerina, would get up the courage to dance beautifully (though untrained) around the grand ballroom of her masters domicile. the owner of this fine french mansion, (played by ryan reynolds) would see the woman dancing beautifully and leave his evil fiance, for the sweet and humble peasant. BOOM. life sorted. now all i need me is a time traveling machine and a sex change and hello life dream.


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