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July 20, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

fantastically poor.

meet the fantastic four:

There is the hot guy who turns on FIRE
the man juggling his career and his wife who can STRETCH
the boring guy whose sort of like a ROCK
and the woman who is um… INVISIBLE… (is this because she a woman in the field of science…)

so if it is not directly apparent this film is not big on subtly. its more like hitting some one in the face with a shovel. the acting is pretty dire as is script but hey they are still fantastic.

the plot follows the heros as they journey to space, get exposed to crazy space rays, develop super powers and then strangely use them to battle their once colleague turned super villain DOCTOR DOOM. (who clearly thought other titles such as THE DOOMANATOR. LIEUTENANT DOOM, SOUS-CHEF DOOM, were just plain silly. but DOCTOR DOOM. thats a name that scares people, gets them quaking in their booties.) DOCTOR DOOM wants to take over the world, duh, and heroes are going to stop him because the world is already a place of justice and peace where leaders are elected by the popular vote and don’t always do the popular thing but always do the right one.

and plot spoiler they defeat him. and plot spoiler yes its an open ending, and plot spoiler they made a sequel. and yes i hope they make two more because then there would be fantastic four FOUR. and that is almost as good as DOCTOR DOOM. but not quite.


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