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July 18, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.




What is inception: It’s an amazing cast, an incredible director, a plot that’s totally bonkers, basically it’s the film I have been waiting for.

Yet for all the hype, it’s left me cold. Under the oppressive weight of possibility Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece fails to deliver. Now this could just be because his dreams are totally lame. I mean occasionally dream me wanders city blocks in New York like the average pedestrian, but the beauty in a dream lies in its dream logic. The fact that telephones can slither into snakes and you can float off on a cloud. In inceptions dream-scape the world is remarkable realistic and dull. For the most part all of the exciting visuals happen in the trailer and the rest of the film boils down to a high concept yet poorly executed action/heist film.

To elaborate: the plot follows the character of Cobb, played by Leonard DeCaprio, who plays a mind thief, a man who can steal into your dreams and get you to share his sub-conscious secrets with him. Plagued by the death of his wife, Cobb’s job is in jeopardy as his subconscious keeps projecting his wife into the dream world where she messes things up for him. However after excepting once last task, to go into the dream world and plant a thought in a mans head, Cobb must manage a new team and take them further then they have ever gone before.

Do to the elaborate set up and premise of the film, character development has unfortunately been sacrificed on the alter of intense story driving dialogue. Most of this film can be reduced down to Christopher Nolans characters trying to explain what is going on and how the world he has created works. Unfortunately that leaves the characters rather two dimensional. Though the actor’s work well with what they are given there is no time for any real persona to develop into the plot. Ellen Page’s Ariadne acts as a sort of stand in for the audience asking all the right questions at all the right time delivering most of the plot reveals, through her astute observations that oddly no one else makes.

Don’t get me wrong. Inception is entertaining but my expectations were certainty higher then they should have been. A film worth seeing but not the film I was expecting.


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