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July 12, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

prince of persia and death defying jumps

When I was young I use to play these games and to be honest no one ever really cared about the plot. You had cool weapons, could control time and also the prince could do like incredible back flips and run across walls and well be totally amazing. So strangely considering the film had little plot, cool weapons and a main character who could run all over walls I was amazed at how awful it was. To start with the plot was rather dire. If you have even seen one of the trailers for this film the entire plot is ruined which is a bit of a shame as it takes the only reveal away from the audience. The plot follows the trials of Dastan, a young street rat turned prince who is framed for the death of his father. With the help of a feisty princess and a dagger that can move the user backwards in time, (something the young dastan not only figure out but excepts with ease) the disgraced prince fights to save his kingdom. Along the way he meets some wonderfully colorful characters. Mainly because the color palate for this film is lots of oranges, reds, and yellows, not because any of the characters are well developed. In fact most of them are so insipid one has trouble remembering who they are or why they are important. Except for this one character who is an ostrich racer who hates taxes. In fact he is the best part of the film, yet sorely underused, because lets be honest how many scenes can you fill with a crazy tax evader before they get a bit dull. Oh and the dialogue. I think there was suppose to be something about time destiny and writing your own… but I never really figured out what was going on. But besides for the dull plot, the overly quick cutting action sequences which leave one feeling like they were just put through a tumble drier the film has one merit. Jake’s chest. Which is beautiful and sadly underused. I would much rather have watched this film if his pecs had done the acting.


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