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June 29, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

glastobury: or why i smelt like fish and did not shower

after showering under a constant spigot of my own sweat for three days i was rather alarmed to find that the entirety of glastonbury had begun to smell like slightly off fish. it came in wafts, leaped around corners, surprised me in the middle of a set. WHERE WAS IT COMING FROM.  as yes. me. and not just like my pits, but all of me. even my nose smelled of rotting fish me, (it was only when the wind blew me away from me and offered me some respite that i even noticed its insidious return). it was harrowing. which of course is why i did nothing about it. i still dont know where the showers were, and to be honest, im sure im not the only one who smelled like animal carcess.

yet even for my odorous experience, glastonbury was still an amazing place.

this was in part because i spent my evenings stomping around a stage in a blue sequined dress where an animal mask in a look i deemed tiger tranny fierce. so it might have been just a little bit scary to those who came to dance with the hms sweet charity crew but hey, i like to think of it is a metaphysical discussion of the repressed female sexuality as portrayed by a man embodying his own raw animal identity, otherwise known as what happens when one gets shit faced in a fancy dress shop and spends his weeks wages.

and oh were there more outfits, and more dancing then a boy strictly needs in ones life. which is why i have decided to scrap all other plans i had, and become a gogo dancer in a club where i can get payed to dress like a jackson pollock.


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