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June 23, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

moaning: or tape my mouth shut

while traveling with kelly and kat, the girls decided to share with me a rather odd part about sleeping me. gone, (mainly), are the days where i snored like ak-47 and hello to the days where i moan in my sleep.

apparently its sounds rather como se dice like i am…. um… well you know… going at it. and i would like to say that ever night i dream of super espicy men and complex romantic scenarios involving fighting dragons and winning each other’s love while saving a kingdom from an evil wizard who rides a midnight stallion. WHICH NO is not a fantasy i have ever day dreamed about. i most often dream about nothing in particular. i once dreamt only of a rubix cube slowly shifting itself, and OH this one time i dreamed that my friend had become a zombie and we tried to kill him  by locking him in a kiln but when we opened it up to see what happened he was still and undead zombie but now he just liked to tap dance and sing show tunes not eat at my brain. OR last week i had this dream where it was greek panthon big brother, where the god fought it out to evict athena who was SUPER PISSED, but i meanly rarely are my dreams sexy.

which is why i surprised my self, and an old welsh lady by waking my self up some where over the midlands of england not only moaning, but moaning the name of a guy. now i can only imagine the dream, though i don’t actually remember any of it, but i’m quite worried the whole plane can. no one really looked at me over the remainder of the flight, and though i kind of needed to pee i was worried that if i got up the whole plane would think i was just trying to rub one out at 35 thousand feet. did i moan more then a name, could any one even hear what i was saying as my tongue drunkenly lashed in my mouth? AH THE FEAR.

which is why i am now worried that all never make a good spy. what if i moan government secrets while sleeping. the pressure is just to much. i am abandoning my dream of being you know, like a gay james bond, since i simply can not trust my self. if i can moan mens names in awkward place like an airplane, who know what all moan asleep in my spy apartment. i can not trust my self.


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