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June 1, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

australia: or land of biceps

SO um we did a lot. We went o fraser island: dingo stole my baby. (if my baby was popcorn and butter) rained like a BIATCH but was good fun.

Went to the witsundays. And it was awesome. No dingo = much more fun.

Then to byron gay 2.0 to pick up the lost passport and start going to bikram yoga with Charlie. Turns out bikram is like slapping yourself in the face for everything you have ever done in your life that was moderately unhealthy. Its like being in a health cult. Everything hurts. I counted 6 stomach rolls of fat. Bikram basically makes u sweat and then contort your body in such a way that all the fat on you heads to your stomach and makes u look like a fucking fool. But um whatever.

Heading home today. Tragic times. Love Australia. Love the people. Secretly love bikram and miss kat and Kelly like its my day job.


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