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May 12, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

Australia: isla de los fittes part one (even though it’s the second post)

How could I have forgotten that Dale dragged us all to a strip club. And by drag I mean none of us put up a fight, partly because it was the only place open, (we were drunk and not at all ready to get off the black out express) and also because Kelly was charging full speed ahead into Xotic. Practically pawing at its doors. Turns out kelly has more experience with strip clubs then kat dale and I combined. (ok so she went once on her cousins birthday. They played nickel back. AMAZING… and she might have been pawing at the doors to get to the bevies not the bitches. ) Well once we got into this bizarre vagina filled room of inequity, I freaked out. women kept touching me and telling me to put dollar bills I their little slots and AH basically these places are really scary. But it also included the best moment of my life which was when Kelly tried to carry on a normal conversation with Xtastey, a Chilean stripper, about how her parents felt living in Chile while she was so far away in Australia. The whole time Kelly was talking, Xtastey was licking her own nipples. Classy.


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