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April 17, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

SOUTH ISLAND: The Most beautiful place ever.

We have been here like a week and I keep forgetting to write so here it is:

The ferry ride over was rather pleasant and calm. however, on one side of us we had these ancient women who spent the entire time playing multiple cross words and laughing to themselves about all the CRAZY things they had done in wellington. Where as on the other side of us where some CRAZY twenty year olds who were getting shit faced on beer and talking about the CRAZY things they could not remember doing in welligton. The girl was fat and annoying and if any of those pretty boys did her then I am sure it’s the best memory she cant remember she always wish she could. It was sad, but sitting there listening to Ani Di I felt more like the grandmothers then the kids. Well come on cross words are baller.

But south island itself is one of the most mentally beautiful places on the planet. There are rainforests and seals and glaciers and seals and mountain passes and seas and alpine forests and seals. You get the idea… Oh and Vineyards. Amazing. Every place in the world is in fact made better if It has at its disposal the ability to make wine. We ended up only heading to one vineyard which made an amazing pino which tasted like oak and honey.

The roads are death trap curvy and mixed in with these epic cliff views it is no surprise that almost ever curve come equipped with a sign that says “high accident zone.” But these chilling signs are ok because they often go past unnoticed as you watch the road snake into the sea.

The people here are lovely, like all kiwi people it seems, with the exception of the woman who ran the first hostel we stayed in Kaikora. She was this mental nut case who spent the entire time being passive aggressive and rude. But really WHY WHY be rude? Why be rude when you back yard is a seal filled ocean equipped with a massive golden sunset over frosted mountains. She must be pure evil.

Oh ran into Lelia from st. Andrews. Which was random and surprising, and saw my friend Daniel from burning man working in a café at Arthurs pass.

Also I had the most magical experience yesterday. I went for a wander in the woods and came upon an old mining cave that had been dug into the earth to collect the water from these natural springs. You could wander down the passage way knee deep in ice water for what felt like miles until all that was left was the sound of rushing water. Gold and silver moss flecked the walls and as it curved from the light it just dropped you in darkness.  I ultimately found an off shoot tunnel and climbing through on my hands and knees I found my self on a massive rock that over looked a water fall that plunged into a river below. It was captivating.


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