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April 13, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

I spent the day hiking mount doom in pajamas, as they were both colorful and light weight, and it is only now, as I drift off to sleep that kat had the peace of mind to tell me she could see my penis all day. Fuck ML. not that I really mind particularly, but Mount doom, though it might be the seat of evil and saurons power is also a family place, so I fell like I might have violated all those poor kids. But lets take this blow by blow. mount doom is in the middle of no where, and it is overrun by middle weight white tourists who speak loudly about their love of the ura-ki and spalsh their skin in spf 30.

the whole mountain slowly breaths sulpheric gas making it look like its huffin a pack and the rocks are lighter then your feet and when you move everything slides around so its like walking on temperamental large grains of sand.

kat and i got over these issues by simply singing every disney song at the top of our out of breath lungs. the people around us were i am sure thrilled. nothing makes the endless sky open air end of the world harsh landscape of mount doom as thrilling as walking around it to the dulcet sounds of Mulan.

all in all it was an epic day, besides for when we watch clash of the titans which was shit.

OH an i mean it was epic because i peed on mount doom. HUZAH. another epic pee location check.


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