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March 22, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.


The incredibles:

There are numerous Superheroes films out there right now. X-men, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Catwoman, Batman, Superman, if you want to watch people shoots lasers from their eyes, or fly, or deliver poorly written one liners, (such as, my favorite from x-men one when storms says “what happens when a toad gets struck by lightening?.. the same thing that happens to everything else.” I mean what is she even saying! Who wrote that! Ok I know who wrote that line it was J.J. Abrahams and it was suppose to be delivered ironically, but Halley Berry sort of missed that boat and overacted the hell out of it.) Superhero films have become so caught up in the Heroic elements of their tale, he CGI, the flashy effects, the mandatory skin tight PVC based costumes, (because if there is anything I have learned its that super heroes can not fight crime in sensible shoes) that they have forgotten about the human element. Why the Incredibles is such a great film is that it is a dramatic family drama first, and a superhero film second. Being able to stretch across the entire room while frightening crime is nothing compared to having the strength to raise a family.

Superbly written and directed by Brad Bird, this film is in love with its source material. Though often comical and sarcastic, Brad Bird clear respect and enjoyment of the superheroes genre has led to a wonderfully creative marriage of the two, part satire, part genre epic.

With a stunning vocal cast, special mention should be made to Holly Hunter who is outstanding as Helen Parr. Her performance, as well as those of the rest of the cast, bring the animated characters to life and help to create a full bodied world.

A great film, some might say its INCREDIBLE,. Well it totally is.


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