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March 20, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

bad sex… good video games.

So mr. lovely gay club was sick yesterday… and as i’m not in town for very long i decided it would be totally ok to cheat on him. i ended up meeting a nice guy while waiting to buy ice cream. now if i have not mentioned it before i love seattle for two reasons. lots and lots of gay people and really good salty carmel ice cream. put the two together and i am more or less down for the count.

we went back to his and had the sexy time and I ended up being bored. It is always quite worrying when that feeling strikes the, ‘i would like this a lot more if it was not with you.’ feeling. i mean here is where the protocole gets messy, when you have that thought do you up and skeeeeedatle, or do you finish the job or maybe bring up the fact that they are boring you. i never really know what to do, and then i end up like a deer in the headlights, i just sort of freeze and go all cadaver on my partner and hope to god they don’t notice while i ask my self why i have found my self in this situation again. I like mr. Gay club, i feel i could have waited a few days… now when i see him next all be all like, hoping he does not figure out i have been wandering around meeting other guys. but well whatever.

but their was salvation in this fiasco. after we were done. and getting dressed, i noticed he had a game cube and not only a game cube but my favorite XMEN GAME. amazing. we ended up sitting on the floor playing video games for hours. and i felt closer to him as he geeked out and told me why Nightcrawler was his favorite then i had moments before when i was inside him. something about this x-men link let us open up, we talked about his boyfriend, why he cheated, why i was scared to move again. in ended up being a rather lovely day with this guy. i think the thing i am learning is some times it might be better to play video games then to blow them.


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