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March 17, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

wat a world it would be: kevin costners waterworld.

Why was this films such a massive box office flop when it came out? I have no idea? If you are one of the many millions who did not see this film let me give you a quick once over on the plot. Kevin Costner is our unnamed hero, a part man, part fish guy who roams the seas doing well… doing what ever it is some ones does who lives on a world covered in water.

But enough of trivialities like plot. Who needs a plot when one has an incredible set that is the worlds most pimp catamaran. (It can be expertly piloted by one tarzan esq Kevin Costner)

The sets are actually great and thought the acting is rather awful, it grows on you. By the end I was rooting for our heroes to make it to Everest. Also its quite comical. Every one has got to love that the evil oil tanker is the Exxon valdez.

but more on a waterworld. what would it be like if tomorrow the polar ice caps melted and the world became WATERWORLD.

well for starters it would be excellent. all hot gay sailors would survive, because they have mad skills. and would collect all us other gays so that we could have the worlds most ultimate gay cruise. i would become very tan and drink like a fish and smoke absolutely anything placed in my ever willing fingers. furthermore i would eat endless kebler elf cookies, and sticky toffee puddings and not care because i would temporarily go bulimic anyway as no one wants to be plus sized when the worlds ending. these are what i call facts. this is the future for the early years of the swim wear heavy planet earth.

after the party train you know, rolls to a stop and issues like lack of food and oil and land develop i might off myself. or become a super chic boat pirate myself. that parts up in the air, but dam the first few post apocalyptic years would be lovely.


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