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March 17, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

a mary popins romance.

My new love is on to me. Why just yesterday, lying in bed all cuddly cuddly he decided to spoil a perfectly nice afternoon by discussing the differences in our characters,

“I know men like you. You’re sweet but you will be gone with the next change in the wind.”

How wildly perceptive of him. I’ve not told him that I am running away in less then a week. I thought that would cheapen the cuddly cuddly time. I am planning on telling him. (On Tuesday afternoon, and you know make it super emotional.) I mean ultimately I guess I really enjoy the idea that he likened me to Mary Poppins. I mean she was the original Diva and we all know that a Diva is a female version of a hustler. I’m just thrilled my new flame thinks I’m a hustler. That makes me seem so mysterious and vogue rather then puppy like and often desperate for close physical proximity to all around me. If I could I would be sort of like a barnacle on all of my friends faces.  Or like mist. Sort of omni-present.

However ultimately I’m not that upset. So Mr. Gay Club is lovely and sweet and perceptive but the night is young and as he is in bed sick this evening with a cold, dear god please let it not be swine flu, im of for a date with Mr. orgy on the first date. Which should go well. I mean its st. paddy’s day one is suppose to drink till they do bad things tonight of all nights.


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