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March 16, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

Ewan McGregory ass is better then this whole film

Though I am not an expert on Polanski, after seeing this (ghost writer) I would assume if not hope that this is his worst film ever. Adapted from an insipid book, this film does nothing if reduce the source material to its more lackluster elements. Many of the intricacies and finer details that made the book at least fleetingly enjoyable are absent from this film.

The plot centers around a ghost writer, who while writing the memories of a British prime minister uncovers some dark secrets about his administration and the death of the previous ghost writer.

The book was comprised of several ingenious characters, however their translation to screen robbed them of all three dimensionality and leaves us with a cardboard feeling film. None of the action is particularly dramatic and the big reveal at the end lacks any sense of oomph because its all to sudden.

I would attribute the majority of the flaws in this film to the writing. While attempting to remain topical, (though the subject matter felt like It would have been more relevant during the Blair/Bush administration) it misses the heart of the matter which is the human element. In the book Ruth Lang is an incredibly cunning and interesting character. One who it is a joy to watch unfold. In the film, though portrayed by Olivia Williams who acts circles around her co-stars, Ruth Lang feels like an after thought. Thus major elements of the plot do not have a cohesive feeling for she is this stories coagulant.

After the righting much of the failure of the film is in the performances of Kim Cattrall and Pierce Brosnan who are dire to watch. Particularly Cattrall whose English accent is abhorrent.

Finally Polanski does nothing interesting visually with the camera. For a story about deception and identity issues you think the camera would be used to probe the interior landscape of the characters. Shows them when they are vulnerable and weak and explore the facades they have erected in order to do their jobs. The camera here is as interesting as what you would find in you average 2 camera sitcom.

I’d say the best bit is for a fleeting second you can see Ewan McGregor’s ass.


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