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March 15, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

the second time it will be special

Though we have already had sex, all be it drunkenly, we’ve decided to wait so that our second time is ‘special’. As a general idea, this is odd if not some what bewildering. Its like running before learning to sit down, which apparently I did as a child so maybe this is more in keeping with my life philosophy then I originally thought.

After several dates with lovely mister gay club boy I am proper crushing on him. Cute with an Alabama accent and a predisposition to break into song with the radio singing back up have quickly endeared me to his boyish charms. However it is getting in the way of practical living. I have taken to picking flowers on my morning walk and arranging them over breakfast so that I can give him an adorable home made presents daily. While this is all rather nice and charming I find that it reminds me some what of being delirious with fever.

See, it is an all-together doomed relationship; he’s just moved here and I’m moving next week, which though it does give the relationship a lovely predetermined expiration date; it also makes the lets way so next time its special debate rather excruciatingly painful.  See the main problem is he has no idea I’m leaving. I decided not to tell him which now seems like a rather bitchy thing to do, but I was just enjoying so much the getting to know you, texting all the time period of an early relationship that it slipped my mind.

Love, Romance, Dating, even sex, is in now way like I ever thought it would be. If I have learned anything from growing up its that every single pre conceived notion you have ever had about all of it is entirely wrong. I have come to believe so firmly in the Hollywood model of romance that I have forgotten how much of it is make believe. So we are waiting and getting to know each other so the second time is special. I actually think that’s rather cute.


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