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March 14, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

julie and julia more like foody and foolia

I watched this film while relatively hungry, by the end I was salivating. The plot centers around the two Julie/a’s obsession with food as they navigate the complex world of realize ones dreams. Half this film is a sublime masterpiece and the other half is about as appetizing as the characters burned beef. Meryl Streepe once again illuminates the screen with such a captivating performance as Julia Childs that it is hard to actually engage with the film for one can not get over how unbelievable she is as bringing this mammoth character to life.  As with any role she has ever had, she seems born to play this part. Her introspective and quirkily portray of the chef is as rich and dynamic as the food she endless bakes. It is for her performance alone that one should watch Julie and Julia. Amy Adams however does not fair quite so well. Part of this is the fault of the writing and staging. The scenes are visual stagnate, and uninteresting lacking in opulent Parisian markers, while Adams’ endless conversational dribble through Blogliloquies is nauseating. She has none of the elegance or charisma of Julia or Meryl, and the endless in your face issues do little to redeem her. In Julie’s final scene she walks out of the frame of Julia’s museum kitchen just as Julia bustles in to make dinner.  It’s an apt metaphor for the film as a whole, all you want is for Meryl to come storming back into the plot.


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