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March 10, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.


I have been making headway this week in my quest to abandon my dependency on videogames, and do real people things, like work.  I must get away from the worlds where one kills monsters for gill or I’m going to end up on the 10’oclock news covered in a tattered leather cap (that all claim give +4 to luck) armed only with the excuse that why I butchered the neighbors dog was that I was hoping to gain a level and line my pockets.

In this quest I have taken up knitting. Lots of knitting.  Knitting scarves for everyone. It’s going to take me months, and I’ve already resigned myself to a life of cat owning and smelling bad. It’s the slow slide into the inevitable that annoys me. I don’t want to slowly become a crazy cat lady just as much as I did not want to become the unable to leave his wheelie chair video game player. I want to be the crazy cat lady now. She has class. She has a sense of purpose. A cautionary tale to those around her of what prolonged interaction with wool and day time television will turn you into. If I keep living my life through soap operas with out using the aforementioned object I’m headed to a bad place. All lose friends slowly. My cuticles will begin a forced march north as my hair becomes wiry while my mind frazils and burns away.

All begin calling myself Miss.  Havishim, drinking before it’s five o’clock anywhere. I’m not looking forward to this process. I don’t want to do that. I just want to just be the crazy cat lady (man) now. To move from this world of the real and enter the mythical. So fast will this change happen that people will be unable to remember a time before I walked the streets in shopping bag dresses brandishing cats like cards in local stores. I expect that people will treat me with mild indifference, (except for those who have heard Bett Midlers “hello in there”)

In the current job market people are always talking about seeing a need and filling it. If I could become the resident town cat lady maybe I could become some sort of elaborate community theater piece. People could pay me on the side to scare there kids into working hard in middle school . “Make sure you do your intro to algebra homework little Johnny or you will end up like him. A grown man, covered in shit wearing a shirt from the spice girls concert he went to before he lost all of his dreams.” Of course I would be in on the entire production. They could slip me a fiver through my pay-pal account on and I could emit specific job woes. “OH if only I had done my intro to algebra work I would never have lost everything in the depression and now be destitute. Unable to watch _______(kids favorite show) on ________ (kids favorite channel)” I’ve decided to take to the streets advertising my new service. I’m counting on viral marketing as I have yet to budget any of the money I don’t have for it.  I’m going to place my future earnings into a savings account so that in a few years time I can give my self a Hollywood style montage makeover and emerge on the streets no longer the crazy cat lady (man) but something much more like a princess (prince) of a far off distant European country. A fable for our generations that is nothing like what happened to Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries.


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