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March 10, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

magic, musicals, MAYHEM. no never mayhem

The next best thing, (after a world where magic totally exists and i happen to be more or less the best wizard ever but i am still toats humble and manage to be quirky and off beat while fighting evil.) is a world much like our own, only where every day is a musical. I KNOW what you are all thinking, and thats that after a few days of waking up to birds chirping in key while the kettle and the toaster beat out a base line, you would just off yourself, but i’m not so sure you would. everything is so visceral, un-cerebral and often working in your favor when it comes to musical theater. it like, ‘dam i wish i could like sing good, and be an opera star’ POOF you’re in luck the operas haunted and this ghost wants you in the lead roles. or like hum i wish some one would set the mood… BAM singing crabs  and not the kind you don’t want will serenade you with the help of absolutely every animal under and over the sea.

but i guess really i to don’t always want to live in musical theater realm. i am still much more on team magic and crazy zane spells. i think its because i have been watching buffy with such religious zealotry that it is starting to become an obsession. as i am living some where in the middle of no where seattle, meaning i’m more or less living down town but friendless during the day when every one i know is working at school, having a life ect, i fiddle away the hours till they can play with me by connecting to the characters of sunny dale high.

(in fact i feel like a friend vampire. sort of all hide from the sun and then BAM hit the town at night, but that could just be because im an alcoholic and the idea of drinking in a gay bar at like 2 in the afternoon just seems a bit filthy, but back 2 buffy. or b2b)

right now things are major drams, but i am confident most of the character will pull through. in part because i have already seen the musical buffy episode. which is like the best of both worlds. (not the hannah montannah type, more the me type.)

ah musical magical sining. that would be the life. because then i could just pooof magic my voice into something thats not so, i don’t know, like a back firing car. or not and then i could just sing and i would ward of evil. maybe thats why i would be such a good wizard, is because when you get down to brass tacks i can go all mcgiver on your ass and use something toats normal to save the day.


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