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February 25, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

lovely bones: not so much

For a film about murder the tenses part of the Lovely bones for me was when I was wondering if I could hold out the last twenty minutes with out having to use the bathroom. This happens to me a lot when in the cinema. You run in, grab a coke, and spend the next hour and a half regretting it and also knowing in you gut that if you go the bathroom you are going to miss the big twist in the plot. I could have gone at any point during the lovely bones and I would have been totally ok. More then ok, I would have saved myself from some boredom as I searched out the bathroom in a cinemaplex I had never been to before.

Its not that the film is bad, its just terribly disappointing. The book I found both magical and evocative, while the film, though it had some truly spectacular visuals missed the heart of the book by an epic margin.

I expect my movies on murdered little girls to be both frightening and chilling as they call my conceptions of humanity into question. The reason I see these sort of film, well anything that’s not a romcom really, is because they are tools one can use to explore the unimaginably barbaric and terrifying. I do not want to ever be confronted with issues such as these in my real life, but tucked into a cinema seat with some popcorn I let myself get carried away into the world of the movie, empathizing all the way. Or at least I would if the film was not horrid. With the exception of the murder scene and some fantastic acting on the part of Stanley Tucci, the entire plot of the film is to flimsy to hold any real weight. It crumbles under its own desire to cover to much in to little a time giving no weight to any of its scenes.


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