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February 22, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

ribbit ribbit romance

I have never kissed a frog, but then again I am not totally against the idea. I am in such need of a prince (or winning lotto ticket) that I am even willing to consider the possibility of a post-reptilian romance.  I do worry slightly that the prince in question may occasionally want to hop around in puddles or catch flies with its tongue, but no romance is with out its ups and downs and one learns to adjust.

I do think however I would be completely ok with the situation if the frog turned into the prince from disneys new film THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. Some where between beauty and the beast, (with the most disappointing reveal ever, who know the prince would look better as a 10 feet tall hairy monster) and now, the people at Disney have learned how to draw beautiful men.

Watching this film I was instantly bowled over by just how sexy he is. I have never been one to have something for a cartoon but I am starting to feel that might change.

Disney long ago ruined my expectations of love with such films like sleeping beauty and snow white so I guess its some extreme form of cruel poetic justice that they have not changed what I think makes a man look beautiful because at the moment it’s a well drawn jaw line with good shading.

(but enough of a two dimensional fake prince, which by the way was a great experience in general. You go Disney, get back to your roots, leave computer animated films to pixar)

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, is a great movie. Wonderful songs and a colorful cast of characters this is a film I will always love. It does not have the charm that little mermaid does, or the epic character arks seen in Aladdin or the lion king but it has charm all its own. I see this film as hopefully a re-start in disney’s lack luster recent performances.

Stunning visuals and haunting bad guys where the staples of my childhood, rich elaborate fairy tales and wonderful songs are not things which go out of fashion, even in the current real-world meets vampires market which is the disturbingly awful epic known as the twilight saga.

I love this film, I possibly now love frogs, and I seriously need to get out more as I even briefly entertained the idea of dating a toon. (which I guess is not something I am unique in as most people I know would make a pass on Jessica Rabbit.)


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