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February 16, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

olympic sized dreams

I walked into the right bar on a blind date this evening and ended up sitting with the wrong man. he was sort of repulsive. but as he was the friend of a friend i thought i might as well sit down. he spent half our conversation texting and at one point i got a text from my actual date asking where i was. i, thought this was some sort of bizarre attempt at textual flirting.

however when i found my real date it was much better. by this point i had drunk almost an entire bottle of whisky it felt like, and though i am sure i betrayed myself by constantly running to the bathroom during our conversations, i like to think i pulled off being suave. we were watching the olympics with the other bar regulars and i have to say that a group of gays commenting on pairs figure skating is rather intellectual. costumes get dissected, asses get inspected and golds get awarded to those who most dramatically fling women away from themselves.

its nice to wander into a gay bar and find that the majority of people are average and friendly. i have grown use to the diva queens and the uptight prissy men, but at this bar even the awkward toothless guy was having a good laugh.

go team homo.


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