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February 15, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

An education… not really

There are films about school which do not suck. Mean girls, the high school musical series, dead poets society to name a few. These films have left me with life lessons. (Don’t let any one besides ya besties find your burn book. If you sing and follow your dream it will come true, stand on desks when ever possible.) an education left me lacking an hour and thirty five minutes of my life. If I learned anything from it I guess its that you should most likely visit the home of your future husband before you agree to marry him for you may uncover some startling secrets. Like (spoiler alert… well maybe not… if you keep reading I may be saving you an hour and thirty five minutes of your life, but if after this you are subjected to this film, possibly under torture, I apologize for taking away the one plot twist that tries valiantly to but fails in saving the film) your future husband is already married with a kid living in a shit flat a block or two away.

Why do we make films like this? Why are we ok with mediocre plots and shitty accents. What ever happened to class? I am sitting here looking at the list of films that are nominated for Oscars and realizing that I would rather spend a day trying to blow myself, which I know I can’t, then watch most of these films.


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  1. Matt Powers / Feb 15 2010 9:54 pm

    What a great final sentence! Nice work.

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