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January 27, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

it’s complicated

I believe in the 70’s men use to sneak into the pictures hiding themselves from sight in order to ogle women’s bodies.  They often wore glasses and big hats and long coats; they were forever shrouded in a cigarette mist that clung to their limbs. Walking into It’s complicated, alone, at nine at night on a Friday made me feel much like my spiritual cinematic forefathers, only less cool and a lot gayer. I snuck in late, half way into the credits and sat by myself in the front row. Hiding. Yet deep inside me several debates about the very nature of cinema, or of me and cinema raged on.

Is it that bad to be going alone to the movies on a Friday while you are in the prime of your life? Could it not be contemplative, character building, Relaxing Or more frighteningly, is it just a taste of your future? Of the endless days spent watching people you think you know because you have followed their careers and read the tabloids fall in love, while you, by the very nature of the experience are rendered speechless and dull.

Furthermore, (I love that word, further more. Is feels like space and gluttony and a sexual cry all at once. Oh FURTHERMORE FURTHERMORE!) what does it mean when you are going to see a film designed for 50 year old women?

I gave it a good ponder, and some where between the shots of a depressed meryl streep as jane and the ending I felt ok. Not just ok. More then OK. I felt utterly and totally relaxed and calm. The world is complicated, relationships are complicated, the self is complicated, but more then that, giving into expectation or denying your self simple and easy pleasures is fucked up. I loved It’s Complicated. I think it is a superbly made and crafted film with excellently witty and sharp dialogue.  So the camera work is really atypical and John krasinski is sort of painful, but it’s great. More then anything its like hot chocolate.


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