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January 10, 2010 / Prof Cupcake.

zombie fish sex? ew

my most recent sexual encounter was like a prolonged conversation with a fish. a manky fish. the type that gums you incessantly. Or maybe it was more like a zombie. If zombies where real it would totally have been like making out with grandma zombie with his dentures out. you know it was sort of haphazard and directionless and saliva filled. it was in no way remotely enjoyable.

part of the reason was that for the first time in basically ever i like some one. in fact i like him a lot. it has been crippling to my ability to function in the world. i spent almost all my time now thinking about him. i see something funny. omg thats so funny he would also find that funny omg thats why we should get married. thats my daily thought process now. there was a time when i would think about salads and not be reduced to imagining our mid eightie together where we would farm a small plot of land and eat fresh veggies right out of the garden. its quite quaint and charming really. but i have not thought of myself as some one who was really capable of this love thang. i enjoy sexual promiscuity and the hedonistic pursuit of the most ravishing sexual partner. i love the decent into sexual exploration where one pushes their limits. i don’t like crying at wall-e because i to want to dance with somebody. (just like whitney does. speaking of which have you seen that music video its amazing. in fact this is enough about my slightly silly love affair with a boy who does not like me, (he straight) (sort of) lets talk about whitney)

so dance with somebody is the definition of the most supreme music video in my mind. almost limitless costume changes. super talented back ground dancers. a plot that takes place in black and white vignettes. not to mention the ever amazing and fabulous dancing shoes that appear randomly.

oh its good.

you looking for an upper. go watch dance with somebody.


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